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DDOT preserves and maintains the District's street tree population, as it is a natural resource that performs numerous environmental benefits while enhancing both the quality of life and aesthetic value of the city. DDOT's fulfills this mission by:

  • Maintaining a tree inventory system;
  • Performing routine tree maintenance;
  • Reviewing transportation related construction plans to ensure the provision of adequate rights-of-way for tree planting; and
  • Planting, removing, and trimming trees citywide.

Procedures & Services

Removal of Live Public Space Trees

Tree Maintenance

Residents may request tree inspections, tree planting, tree pruning, and investigation into tree removal by calling 311, or visiting 311 Online.

Tree Permits

Anyone who wishes to plant, prune, or remove a public street tree within public space must first obtain a public space permit from DDOT. All public space permits may be obtained through DDOT's Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS), or by submitting an application in-person at DDOT's Permitting Center.

Note: Neither DDOT, nor the District government, is responsible for the maintenance, removal, or upkeep of trees on private property.

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Page Last Updated: February 05, 2016