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Public Parking refers to the area of public space devoted to open space, greenery, or landscaping, that lies between the private property line and the edge of the actual or planned sidewalk that is nearest to the property line. (DCMR 24-102.8)

The term "parking" refers to the intent for this area to be like a park, in effect making each street in the District a parkway. DDOT recognizes the value of public parking and residential yards as a component of the city's open space system and discourages increased coverage of such areas by buildings and impervious surfaces. (DCMR 10-A819.7)

Procedures & Services

Property owners are required to maintain the public space in front of their home or business in a clean and safe condition, and are encouraged to beautify and enhance this space. In many cases the features that surround the front yards in residential neighborhoods – like fences or retaining walls – are located within the District's right-of-ways or within a building restriction line. In both instances, public space regulations apply.

Anyone who wishes install a fixture in the District's public space, including the public parking area, must obtain a permit approved by DDOT. Applications for public space permits are processed through DDOT's Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS).

FAQ: How do I obtain a permit to install Fences and Retaining Walls?

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Page Last Updated: June 04, 2015