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DDOT shall use various parking meters to regulate the District's parking assets in a manner that:

  • ensures that a percentage of spaces are available at any given time for short term parking;
  • maximizes the potential flow of customers to the District's retail and dining establishments;
  • controls congestion; and,
  • improves traffic circulation.

DDOT shall evaluate how to manage parking meters in a fair and balanced manner that benefits motorists, business owners, and most importantly, residents.

DDOT shall consider and implement new technologies to increase the efficiency, management, and ease of use of parking meters.

All new meter installations, multi-space metering devices, and new metering technologies employed by DDOT shall be accessible by persons with disabilities.

Procedures & Services

Residents may report a broken meter by calling the Mayor's Citywide Call Center (311), or by visiting 311 Online. The estimated response time for a single-space parking meter is 72 hours, and the estimated response time for a multi-space meter is 24 hours.

Parking Meter Zones
Two parking meter zones are established by District law: Normal Demand and Premium Demand. When determining which Demand Zone to classify an individual block or facility, DDOT shall consider the need to promote short term access and the turnover of parking space occupancy necessary for equitable availability and efficient use of public parking spaces near commercial, cultural, educational, medical, recreational, and transportation facilities.

ADA Accessible Meters and Space for Persons with Disabilities
DDOT is currently designating one (1) ADA accessible parking meter for every block face that is governed by parking meter equipment. These spaces are not reserved for use only by persons with disabilities. They are simply marked in a manner that easily identifies them as being compliant with the ADA requirements. 

ADA accessible 'Red Top' Meters and Space for Persons with Disabilities: In early 2017, DDOT will be designating one (1) accessible parking meter on each metered block for the exclusive use of persons with disabiliites within the Central Business District (CBD). These spaces are reserved for use only by persons with disabilities displaying disability placards and/or tags on their vehicle. These spaces are marked as 'Red Top' meters that easily identifies them as being compliant with the ADA requirements. All users will be required to pay to park in these ADA accessible meter spaces.  

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Page Last Updated: December 05, 2017